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REMone™ to be Unveiled at 

Realcomm 2019

A Future-Proof Next Generation Cloud Paas + SaaS Platform So You Can Stay Ahead of What's Next™

Enterprise-Grade Solutions

Integrated Financials


Imagine using an accounting system literally built by accountants--the people who truly understand the issues you encounter every day and the best way to solve them. The result is enterprise-grade financial software that includes delivered best practices, a flexible G/L structure, and built-in analytics that matter to you.

Imagine complete financial management software that helps you see your real estate business better, automate processes, weed out inefficiencies, improve NOI, and uncover new opportunities. It simplifies compliance and enforces controls. You can manage the entire lifecycle of your general ledger (G/L), rent and CAM billing, receivables, payables, and fixed assets activity in our 100% no-code platform.

But, if you want to keep your current financial system, that's OK. You can still use REMone™. Our future proof PaaS + SaaS platform is designed to integrate to any G/L.

Dashboards & Analytics


The real estate business thrives on insight, risk assessment, quick action, and compliance. But you need more than intuition and best guesses to make the right decisions. We'll serve up the actionable insights you need to seize new opportunities and find smarter, more efficient ways to drive change and grow your business.

  • See the big picture and all the details with drillable dashboards.
  • Equip your leaders, leasing agents and property managers with the relevant, role-based information they need to act quickly.
  • Analyze financial & operating statements, cash flows, rent rolls, leases, tenants, properties, portfolio reports, and more using a single set of financial data, ensuring one version of truth.
  • Pivot on any dimension across finance, property management, lease administration, tenant management, and other areas with built-in ad-hoc reporting.
  • Add deeper context to your reporting by integrating any source of data from any source.

Flexible CAM Calculations


REMLogic Processors™ give you the ability to keep a single-source-of-the-truth when it comes to CAM-Tax-Insurance calculations by replacing multi-version, complicated and weird spreadsheets that usually come from multiple sources. Timely and accurate calculations that match up to a tenant's exact lease language produces greater, trusted relationships between you and tenants, and avoid the risk of costly lease audits.

REMLogic Processors™ allow you to setup CAM-Tax-Insurance calculations once with more surety and confidence. And, with integrated Financials (whether that's with us or any other 3rd party G/L), you'll be able to easily automate entire business process calculations to save time, eliminate one time manual plug ins from spreadsheets, speed up recoveries and time-to-cash, reduce operational costs, increase NOI and profitability, and maximize all stakeholder returns.

PaaS + SaaS & No-Code Rapid Development Platform


We separate the platform that holds your technology from the applications that facilitate your business processes. This means that when technologies such as augmented reality become reality, you can embrace them. No re-implementation required. We've planned for the future so you don't have to.

Our cloud Paas + SaaS platform was built from the ground up with single app mobility in mind. That means you'll be able to work from anywhere at anytime.

Our no-code rapid application builder toolkit makes it possible for your business experts to build and change applications on their own—in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional solutions. The platform supports the advanced functionality required to fit a sophisticated process or customer need. You can build it yourself before lunch—all without code.  

Other enterprise REM software vendors might take 5-10 years rewriting their software to embrace new technologies. By the time they do, the rewrite is already obsolete. Rather than fight to keep up, let us help you stay Ahead of What’s Next™.

Asset & Billing Management


Imagine being able to manage any property type with unlimited CAM recovery possibilities. You'll enjoy less stress when tenants move-in and move-out. All complicated tenant CAM calculations and billing requirements can now be done with ease. Plus, you'll shorten the time it takes to process monthly billings and annual reconciliations. With REMone™ you'll become limitless--armed to meet the future with total confidence. 

  • Perform complex recurring billing with ease (base, percentage, consumer price index, waterfalls, and more).
  • Eliminate complex & multi-version spreadsheets for a single-source of the truth.
  • Perform standard & unique Common Area Maintenance (CAM)/Recovery billings, including taxes, utilities and insurance allocations.
  • Handle simple to complex Sales Overage rent billings with easy sales collection & entry methods.
  • Customizable unit & floor data points with the ability to enter everything needed to complete all billing types.
  • Capture all pertinent information around property portfolios, including reporting regions, property type & ownership structure--the possibilities are endless. 
  • Perform data analytics & user-defined visualizations in a user-defined dashboard for rapid decision making.
  • Enterprise & financial software agnostic to work with any General Ledger (G/L).
  • Easily feed information to your data warehouse or use our simple and quick internal REM reporting tools. real estate management software real estate software

Lease & Tenant Administration


No lease is ever the same. Tracking leases and tenants across all your property portfolios can be a huge challenge--especially when growing your business through property acquisitions. Then there's the very real scenario you might find yourself in when a major goes BK, triggering co-tenancy lease clauses linked to dozens of other tenants. With REMone™ you'll be able to rapidly take these challenges head-on to minimize your risks and save more time and money.

  • Customize all lease abstraction fields to capture all required attributes.
  • Track lease legal clause information to capture reportable information for Co-Tenancy, Tenant & Landlord Kickouts, Exclusive Use, & more.
  • Easily manage tenants from move in to move out and more, including TI's and tenant deposits.


June 12-14, 2019

Realcomm 2019 - Gold Sponsor

Music City Center - Nashville, TN

+ Event Details

June 12-14, 2019

Realcomm 2019 - Gold Sponsor

REMone™ will be officially unveiled at Realcomm 2019.  Come by our booth #811 and be one of the first to see what the next generation of future-proof cloud PaaS + SaaS Real Estate Management (REM) software really looks like. Watch for our live conference interview streaming live on the morning of Thursday, June 13th, and our education session under the Enterprise Architecture - Creating the Digital Infrastructure for Organizational Convergence track to learn even more exciting news that will literally blow your mind.

Music City Center - Nashville, TN

June 12-14, 2019

Ad-Hoc 2019 - Silver Sponsor - Hosted by UrbanEdge Properties

Hyatt Regency - Jersey City, NJ

+ Event Details

June 12-14, 2019

Ad-Hoc 2019 - Silver Sponsor - Hosted by UrbanEdge Properties

REMone™ will be officially be unveiled at the 2019 Ad-Hoc Landlord Conference. Come by our table and be one of the first to see what the next generation of future-proof cloud PaaS + SaaS Real Estate Management (REM) software really looks like. We will also be holding a round table discussion on Thursday morning, June 13th, in the Hudson Ballroom to reveal even more exciting news that will literally blow your mind.

Hyatt Regency - Jersey City, NJ

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