Realcomm 2019

A Quantum Leap Beyond the Cloud for What's Next

Live Realcomm 2019 conference interview featuring Donnie Law, President of REMLogics, Ed McVaney, COB and Kylee McVaney, CEO of Nextworld™. Learn more about our partnership and our future-proof pure Cloud PaaS + SaaS platform for innovative real estate management solutions.

How to future-proof your rem software

Designed to Integrate, No Code Development, Separation of Technology & Business Solution 

Interview by Connected Real Estate Magazine featuring Donnie Law and Konrad Rogers, COO of Nextworld™ . Learn how we radically seperate the technology from the business solution for a future-proof pure cloud PaaS + SaaS platform.

Beyond the Cloud: Are You Ready for What's Next?

Are you ready for the next new wave of technology? It's time to look beyond the Cloud. Learn how a pure Cloud PaaS + SaaS Platform can help you stay ahead of what's always coming next in real estate industry.

true No-Code Development platform

Customization is no longer a bad word. Empower your business subject matter experts and IT with a true no-code development platform so they can continuously innovate your way to industry leadership. You're unique. So, build what sets you apart. After all, it's your business. Do it your way--all without an expensive ERP REM software vendor or consultant.

PaaS + SaaS Platform

Our Difference is in Our Architecture

Featuring Axel Allgeier, Chief Product Officer at Nexworld™ 

We succeed when you succeed. That’s why we have abstracted away the complexity of our system, so you can focus on what matters: your business. From details like consistent user interface to our state-of-the-art integration model, our architecture enables a seamless user experience. Nextworld™ is your software. Your way. Your timeline. 

Integrated Financials

Built by Accountants, for Accountants

Imagine using an accounting system literally built by accountants--people who truly understand the issues you encounter every day and the best way to solve them. The result is financial software that includes delivered best practices, a flexible G/L structure, built-in analytics, and sparking real-time dashboard visualizations that matter to you.

But, if you want to keep your current financial system, that's OK. You can still use REMone™ because our future-proof PaaS + SaaS platform is designed to integrate to any G/L.