PaaS + SaaS Platform

Our Difference is in Our Architecture

We succeed when you succeed. That’s why we have abstracted away the complexity of our system, so you can focus on what matters: your business. From details like consistent user interface to our state-of-the-art integration model, our architecture enables a seamless user experience. Nextworld is your software. Your way. Your timeline.

Integrated Financials

Built by accountants, for accountants

Imagine using an accounting system literally built by accountants, people who truly understand the issues you encounter every day and the best way to solve them. The result is financial software that includes delivered best practices, a flexible G/L structure, and built-in analytics that matter to you.

But, if you want to keep your current financial system, that's OK. You can still use REMone™. Our future proof PaaS + SaaS platform is designed to integrate to any G/L.