Realcomm 2019

A Quantum Leap Beyond the Cloud for What's Next

Live Realcomm 2019 conference interview featuring Donnie Law, President of REMLogics, Ed McVaney, COB and Kylee McVaney, CEO of Nextworld. Learn more about our partnership and our future-proof pure Cloud PaaS + SaaS platform for innovative real estate management solutions.

How to future-proof your rem software

Designed to Integrate, No Code Development, Separation of Technology & Business Solution 

Interview by Connected Real Estate Magazine featuring Donnie Law and Konrad Rogers, COO of Nextworld . Learn how we radically seperate the technology from the business solution for a future-proof pure cloud PaaS + SaaS platform.

Beyond the Cloud: Are You Ready for What's Next?

Are you ready for the next new wave of technology? It's time to look beyond the Cloud. Learn how a pure Cloud PaaS + SaaS Platform can help you stay ahead of what's always coming next in real estate industry.

true No-Code Development platform

Customization is no longer a bad word. Empower your business subject matter experts and IT with a true no-code development platform so they can continuously innovate your way to industry leadership. You're unique. So, build what sets you apart. After all, it's your business. Do it your way--all without an expensive ERP REM software vendor or consultant.

PaaS + SaaS Platform

Our Difference is in Our Architecture

Featuring Axel Allgeier, Chief Product Officer at Nexworld 

We succeed when you succeed. That’s why we have abstracted away the complexity of our system, so you can focus on what matters: your business. From details like consistent user interface to our state-of-the-art integration model, our architecture enables a seamless user experience. Nextworld is your software. Your way. Your timeline. 

Integrated Financials

Built by Accountants, for Accountants

Imagine using an accounting system literally built by accountants--people who truly understand the issues you encounter every day and the best way to solve them. The result is financial software that includes delivered best practices, a flexible G/L structure, built-in analytics, and sparking real-time dashboard visualizations that matter to you.

But, if you want to keep your current financial system, that's OK. You can still use REMone™ because our future-proof PaaS + SaaS platform is designed to integrate to any G/L.