About Us

Complete Simple-Single-Source of the Truth Solutions

REMLogics, LLC is a Real Estate Management (REM) software development company who provides the next generation of future-proof Complete Simple-Single-Source of the Truth Pure Cloud PaaS + SaaS Solutions for retail, office, corporate, industrial, residential, and mixed-use landlords. REMone™ gives you the flexibility to perform complicated recurring billings through more accurate, best practices CAM recoveries and innovative easy-to-use asset, tenant,  lease, and billing management tools. REMone™ also provides you with quick access to vital information to perform data analytics through role-based BI visualizations so you can make quicker decisions to minimize risk and capture new opportunities. 

REMone™ is the only enterprise-grade REM software solution designed to integrate to any General Ledger, is built for the web and mobility from the ground up, and offers a no code rapid application builder toolkit for authorized subject matter experts to build, test and deploy what you need today to run your business without the help of a vendor, consultant or programmer.

Our future-proof next generation REM solutions will help you stay ahead of what’s always coming next so you can respond faster to the ever-changing real estate and technology landscape to achieve growth, minimize risk, advance NOI, drive continuous innovation, and provide industry leadership.

REMLogics & Nextworld™ Team at Realcomm 2019

REMLogics & Nextworld™ Team at Realcomm 2019